Bitcoin Mining Nvidia 1080

1080 Ti works great on many algo. Below is the performance of this beast for some of the algos. Ethhash : 37 MH/s. Equihash : 700 solutions. LBRY : 500 MH/s. Lyra2REv2 : 70000 kH/s. Lyra2Z : 3200 kH/s. Found this article useful why not give it a share.

Low Cost Btc Mining Free Will 2017 be Profitable for Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin Mining Hardware Comparison Currently, Unless home miner has access to free or very low-cost electricity, TeraBox is bitcoin cloud mining service where you can purchase cloud-based mining power (GH/s) at the most competitive rates and start mining bitcoin now. What is the minimum cost for bitcoin mining?.

The GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA's new flagship gaming GPU, based on the NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture. The latest addition to the ultimate gaming platform, this card is packed with extreme gaming horsepower, next-gen 11 Gbps GDDR5X memory, and a massive 11 GB frame buffer.

Know the best gpu for mining currently you can buy. I have compared GTX 1060, GTX 1070, GTX 1080 Ti, RX 400 and RX 500 series, RX Vega 54,Vega 64,P106-100.

Jan 9, 2018. I ordered few Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Jetstream 8GB, I have two questions, 1) If you own the exact model how much is Equihash and Cryptonight.

At Bitcoin’s current value, a GTX 1080 Ti can generate. download the appropriate mining application. AMD users will need to use the legacy version, although.

Is Bitcoin mining profitable? Should I invest in BitCoin? The answer is subjective, it depends where you live and what type of hardware you own. BitCoin mi

News; Best mining GPU 2018: the best graphics cards for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and more; Best mining GPU 2018: the best graphics cards for mining Bitcoin, Ethereum.

But now that they’re being used to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, costs are getting ridiculous. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (1080 Ti for short. For miners, this means a faster rate of mining. People who are really into mining.

Blame bitcoin. an explosion of interest around mining – as well as the PC hardware required to make it work. Like graphics cards. The above comes.

Time for a quick look at the power usage of the GeForce GTX 1080, the reference design from Nvidia that has a TDP of 180W set by the manufacturer, making it pretty energy efficient for the performance it provides for crypto currency mining. We are checking the situation with the different algorithms apart from Ethereum,

Jul 22, 2017. The GTX 1080 series were released by Nvidia past year as an upgrade to the 980 series. Originally, those GPUs were meant to be used by gamers only, but the deficit of AMD mining GPUs made miners interested in the GTX 10x0xx series too. In this article I will dive as deep as possible into the possibilities.

Which GPU Is Best for Mining Ethereum? AMD and Nvidia Cards, Tested

The price of midrange graphics cards like the RX 580 and GTX 1070 have exploded following a renewed interest in cryptocurrency mining. Nvidia is not happy with this.

The reason for this is that graphics cards, such as Nvidia’s GTX 1080 or AMD’s RX 780, are being popularly used by cryptocurrency miners as what is basically the engine that drives the mining apparatus. month as the price of Bitcoin.

AntMiner T9 Bitcoin SHA-256 Mining ASIC overview -. – The Bitmain Antminer T9 is an ASIC Bitcoin miner from Bitmain. Check out return metrics and profitability ratios here or using our mining calculator.

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I bought Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti few days back for the purpose of mining only. I want to ask you people What coins i can mine on 1080 Ti with decent returns? and what is the best mining software for Nvidia, i am currently using CCminer 2.2.1 and mining verge (XVG). Hoping for good answers. Smiley.